Congratulations / About the competition

Congratulations to all of the young reporters for the environment and to this year’s national and international winners. We are inspired by your work and commitment to the environment.

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is proud to share this year’s submissions to its Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) international competition in this blog, as well as other submissions — the winners of national finals in participating countries.

Judging was in two categories: Articles and Photographs. For articles, the jury selected one or more winning article per category (there are 8 categories) as well as an overall winner who receives the Super Award. For photographs, the jury selected and ranked its top five.

The criteria was as follows:

1 The article must be related to sustainable development.
2 It must be written in a journalistic style, with scientific content.
3 It must be clear and succinct (one page preferably), in English.
4 The quality of writing and spelling is important.
5 The jury will pay attention to the objectivity of the article i.e. is reporting fair and balanced?
6 The jury will appreciate any effort to illustrate articles (with a photograph, drawing, graphs, etc).
* Enriching the article with information provided by YRE participants in other countries, as a result of cooperation and exchange, should be regarded positively. While cooperation is not a criterion, it is encouraged.

1 – The photograph must be related to sustainable development.
2 – The technical quality of the photograph (light, quality, composition etc) will be considered by the jury.
3 – The photograph must be accompanied by a short text in English (100-150 words max.), making clear the link with sustainable development.
4 – The jury will also pay attention to the quality of the accompanying text and its scientific content.

Please feel free to like or leave comments beneath the articles and photographs and share them via Facebook and Twitter. We hope you’ll be inspired to enter, or encourage others to, in 2012.

All best,

The International YRE Coordinator and Judges.


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